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Victorian Style Button Hook. A small but vital tool for everyone who owns button boots or shoes. Button hooks were carried by both ladies and gentlemen in the Victorian and Edwardian periods (often from a chain or chatelaine) and were used to fasten up boots and shoes. Smaller hooks were also used for more delicate items such as gloves.

In order to get a good fit with your button boots, the closure must be snug and tight. Achieving this with your fingers is often very difficult which is where the button hook comes in. The end of the hook is passed through the button hole and is hooked around the button. Then with one hand supporting the button hole, the other hand draws the button through with the hook. There is a bit of a knack to this, and it will take a few times before you become a natural, but once you get use to it, it is just as quick as lacing up a boot.

These reproduction button hooks come with a hardened metal shaft and metal handle. The hook has been rounded over so there are no sharp points to scratch or damage your favourite pair of boots.

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