About Us

Rags and Jags started as a costuming business, supplying bespoke handmade period and fantasy costumes to individual clients.  We have been a huge fan of American Duchess shoes since we discovered them, but like many UK and European fans, have struggled with calculating the actual cost (with shipping, VAT and import duty), the hassle of getting them into the country, and the impracticality of returns if they don’t fit.  We are very excited to be expanding into re-selling American Duchess shoes in the UK, to take away all these complications for you!

American Duchess Historical Footwear is a fast-growing American company, specialising in reproduction historical shoes.  All their shoes are based on thorough historical research, and the designs taken directly from real shoes of the era.  The company started from one woman’s realisation that the re-enactment and costuming community was in need of high quality, comfortable and accurate historical footwear, and she set out to supply it!

The company is based in Reno, Nevada, with the footwear being made in a carefully chosen factory in China, which meets American Duchess’s high standards for ethical and skilled production.