Welcome to Rags and Jags.
Hark, hark! the dogs do bark,
The beggars are coming to town;
Some in rags and some in jags,
And some in velvet gown.”     
 - Nursery Rhyme.
At Rag and Jags, we have always had an interest in historical clothing, and over the years we have improved our costuming and sewing skills to hopefully move up from rags to velvet gowns. However the one thing we have always struggled with is finding quality shoes to match our outifts. High street "Period" shoes and boots are almost always a modern shoe with just a hint of Victorian or Edwardian styling, but with modern fastenings or heels. Then we discovered American Duchess, period correct shoes designed by historical costumers and we knew we had to bring them to the UK and Europe.
American Duchess Victorian and Edwardian shoes and boots are designed based on research, using documentary evidence as well as extant examples from the period. So you know you are getting a period correct shoe. They are also designed by people who wear them all day every day, so know what makes a shoe comfortable, not just eye catching. American Duchess period shoes typically have a wider heel than a modern shoe, and it is usually set further forward, so your weight is more evenly distributed.  We frequently get comments that American Duchess heels feel like wearing flats.
From our location in the West of England, we ship throughout the UK and  Europe, and we have satisfied customers in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and more . The advantage of buying from us is that we have already sorted out the taxes and import duty (so long as you are in the UK), so you won't incur additional fees on delivery. We also provide a regional centre for exchanges in the event that you need a different size.